We hope you enjoy your stay here at Twin Lakes RV Park. Please help us make this a pleasant camping experience for all of our guests by following these simple rules.

Park Rules



Motorcycles are welcome provided they have quiet mufflers. 

No straight pipes or baffles permitted. 

No more than two motorcycles per RV lot.



We are a pet friendly park. All pets are welcome provided they are on a leash and kept under control at all times. Pets are not to be tied outside. 

You may walk your pets in any of our large grassy areas of the park; however, you must clean up and dispose of all waste. 

Pets may be left unattended inside your camper provided they do not disturb the neighbors.



No swimming, boats, rafts, tubes or other watercraft are allowed in the lakes at any time. 

Fishing is catch & release for paid tenants only.  No fishing on, near, or behind someone else's lot.

Please dispose of fishing line and soft plastic baits properly as they are hazardous to ducks and other wildlife.

Additional Rules

Payment / Late Fees

Payment in full is due upon check in. Failure to comply may result in eviction and/or legal action. The fee for late payment is $5.00 per day - no exceptions.


All guests must be registered with the front office prior to staying overnight. Quoted rates are for two people. There is an additional charge for overnight guests. A limit of 3 children or a total of 5 persons per camper due to septic tank limitations.

Subletting of Lots

Subletting of lots is strictly prohibited. All lots are to be occupied by paid registered tenants on file with the park office.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 10pm to 10am. Please keep all noise (such as radios, televisions, engines, etc.) to a minimum.


Children must be supervised by parents at all times. No leaving children with someone in the park while parents go to work. Bicycles may be ridden on asphalt and gravel areas only - no bikes on the grass areas. Children may not ride past the office as this is a county road. No bikes between campers. Absolutely no bikes across the dam. Curfew is 10pm for all children under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian. No playing in other people’s yard and/or on their picnic table.


Cooking grills and lounge chairs are permitted but must be neatly presented on your lot only. Please do not place miscellaneous items underneath, behind, around or on top of your camper. Cigarette butts and bottle caps are trash too. Please dispose of all waste properly.

Tent Camping

Twin Lakes is strictly an RV park. Tent camping is prohibited at all times.


You are allowed no more than two vehicles per RV lot. Please park in designated areas and off of the grass.


Twin Lakes is a family friendly park. We do not allow public display of alcoholic beverages that may be offensive to other neighbors. When outdoors, all beverages may be discreetly consumed from an opaque glass or can cooler. Absolutely no bottles outside.

Boats & Trailers

The parking of boats & trailers is prohibited. We simply do not have enough room on our lots for storage. Southside Storage is approximately one and a half miles north on highway 9. Their phone number is 770-889-2483.

Golf Carts

Golf carts must be driven by adults only and are not permitted on grass areas.

Work Vehicles

Anything larger than a stock bodied truck is prohibited. No dump trucks, bucket trucks, or box trucks, etc..

Pick-Up Trucks

If you are hauling anything that goes ‘clunk’, please be courteous and cross speed bumps slowly.

Lawn Stakes, Underpinning or Siding, Fencing

Tie downs for awnings must be flagged and removed when not in use to prevent mower damage. Underpinning or siding is strictly not permitted around campers. We do not allow fencing or roping off around campsites.

Campfires & Grills

Fires are not permitted on the grounds. An above ground chimney, fireplace or fire table device must be used to contain charcoal and ash. Please do not dump used charcoal on the ground.

RV Washing

On site washing is prohibited, but we do have a wash station near the phone booth by the front office. The water connection is located under the yellow lid. Please bring your own hose and nozzle.

Setting Up

When setting up, please try to place the camper squarely on the lot and use only wood or plastic blocks - no cement blocks. Please all wood underneath jacks/jack stands to prevent rutting. Spare wood, when available, is kept beside the metal building next to the office, near the trash bins.

Lot Assignment

While we try our best to honor lot requests, sometimes things happen and we may have to make adjustments. Specific lot assignment is not guaranteed. Some reservations may be altered to another lot of equal value/amenities based upon availability at time of check in.


Dumpsters are located beside the shop, next to the office. All boxes must be broken down prior to placing inside the dumpsters and no outside (work related) trash is allowed. Children are not permitted to dispose of trash unless they are able to properly place the trash inside the dumpsters - no trash is to be left on the ground outside of the containers.

Water Hose

Heated water hoses are recommended. Non-heated hoses must be wrapped (to Twin Lakes spec.) with electrical heat tape and insulation from November thru march. Instructions are available at the office. All excess hose should be coiled neatly inside the water box with the lid properly in place.

Cable TV & Internet

You can order Comcast via 1-800-COMCAST. Complimentary Wi-Fi is provided but is not intended for business use or streaming movies. Reception is not guaranteed for every lot.

Cables & Lines

All lines and/or cable for TV, Cable TV, Satellite, etc., must not be left on the grass to prevent mower damage. Please route lines in an orderly manner and neatly tie excess length.


Electrical power on sites have 30 and/or 50 amp power. You may use either one, but not both. Doing so will overload the circuit and can cause a fire.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Twin Lakes prohibits the use of all outside refrigerators or freezers. No exceptions.


Twin Lakes operates on a septic system. Properly wrapped lines will not freeze. You must NOT leave water running on cold nights. Doing so will result in an immediate eviction. No Exceptions. Sewer lines must be routed in an orderly manner, inserted no more than 8”, and sealed with foam gasket (per county reg.). Long term residents may wish to hard-line your sewer with PVC pipe.


Check-out time is 12 noon. If staying over, please make arrangements with as much prior notice as possible. Long term tenants, please let us know when you get a definitive date as to when you will depart. Long term reservations will not automatically roll over. It is your responsibility to extend your reservation if needed and will be based upon lot availability.


Generators may be used only if there is a power outage.


Laundry may not be hung at campsites. The Wash Pot coin laundry is located on the right approximately 1.25 miles north on highway 9. Look for the ‘Pendley Appraisers” sign and the laundry is next door.


Mail is received at the office and will be filed under the first letter of your last name. You mailing address is Your Name, Twin Lakes RV Park, 3300 Shore Drive, Cumming, GA 30040. When you leave, you are responsible for forwarding your mail. The post office will NOT forward mail for Twin Lakes. Please be sure the office has your new address before you leave.

Grass & Rocks

Please do not put down mats, rugs, or anything that will kill the grass and create mud holes. Please do not put any gravel or rocks around your lot.


Guns are strictly prohibited inside the park.


Fireworks may be used on holidays only and you may do so at your own risk with prior consent of management.


Twin Lakes is not responsible for any damages incurred to persons or property from falling trees or limbs.


In case of water breaks, outages, disturbances or other park related emergencies, please call Russ Pendley at 678-575-0628. Please call 911 for all medical emergencies.


We reserve the right to evict anyone violating these rules, destroying property, and/or creating a disturbance.

All campers are responsible for damage caused by any and all members of their party.

Automatic eviction if the police are called to your lot for any reason other than medical.

A refund of fees will not be processed if you are evicted from the Twin Lakes RV Park for any reason.